Wagner College

Oil portrait of Smith , by Professor Wm Murphy ,was commissioned by the Wagner College Board of Trustees and is on display in the Main Library rotunda.
Oil portrait of Smith, by Professor Wm Murphy, was commissioned by the Wagner College Board of Trustees and is on display in the Main Library rotunda.

“Never in the history of Wagner College have so many owed so much to one man. Norman’s legacy can never be overstated.”

John Lehman, Vice Chairman of the Board
Chairman Emeritus, Vogue-Butterick

“I cannot imagine a more influential or successful president at Wagner College. What miracles Norman Smith has wrought.”

Professor Lewis Hardee

“Norman brought Wagner College from a bleak and highly uncertain state to the pinnacle of excellence & distinction.”

Fred Lange, Treasurer, Board of Trustees

“When Norman arrived, Wagner was virtually dead. He saved the College.”

Professor George Rappaport

“Norman has led Wagner to an extraordinary level of success.
His example is our road map into the future.”

Robert O’Brien, Chairman of the Board
Mng. Director, Credit-Suisse First Boston

“President Smith is a strong visionary who has assembled a competent and trusted senior management team”

2001 Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation evaluation report

“We applaud, as loudly as we possibly can, the great successes achieved by President Norman Smith in just three short years. Words cannot adequately capture all that he has done. The results of the past three years are nothing short of impressive, even miraculous. We have no real recommendations for President Smith except to urge him to keep on doing what he has been doing”

1991 Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation evaluation report.

Richmond University London


“Norman Smith is a great leader. At Richmond, he took on challenges that were daunting and made more progress in five years than most could have thought possible. He proved himself to be an impressive visionary with exceptional managerial skills. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

David McAuliffe
Richmond University Executive Committee Trustee
Chief Operating Officer, JPMorgan London

“In my 35 years activity in the world of academe, I’ve never seen a more competent administrative leader than Norman Smith. At Richmond, his accomplishments were superb. I was especially impressed with the respect he earned from his faculty and staff during very difficult times.”

Rusel R. Taylor
Richmond University Trustee Emeritus
Founder, The Taylor Entrepreneurial Institute

“Norman Smith assumed the Richmond University presidency at a difficult time in its history and quickly made a positive impact. As Provost, I worked closely with him and found his support and advice to be invaluable.

I learned much from Norman. His outstanding financial management, business acumen and understanding of US higher education, student needs and expectations, enabled him to build morale and re-energise faculty and staff.

Norman has my highest regard.”

Professor Jos Hackforth-Jones
Director, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London
former Provost, Richmond The American International University in London

“The Middle States team, echoed by both the Board and the community, applaud the dynamic, effective leadership provided by Dr. Norman Smith. President Smith has been especially proactive with openness and information sharing.”

2006 Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation evaluation report.

Dowling College


“Norman Smith arrived at Dowling College too late to save a terminal patient, but that didn’t stop him from exerting every effort to catch up for lost time. He is the most impressive college president I have ever worked with or have ever known. If only he had taken over five years earlier, the College would have been saved.”

Dr. Elana Zolfo, Past Provost and Past Business School Dean, Dowling College

“Albeit too late to correct the grave mistakes of the past, President Smith’s leadership energized the Dowling College community and made clear what could have been had someone like him arrived as President in time. He was the College’s first truly competent President.”

Dr. Nathalia Rogers, Past Professor and Executive Chair of Faculty Council, Dowling College.

“President Smith has gained widespread support from the trustees, faculty, staff and students and has set forth a new strategic direction for the future…Since his arrival, his vision and leadership has sparked positive morale and renewed hope among all constituents resulting in an actively engaged community.”

2014 Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation evaluation report.

Suffolk University



“Suffolk University has accomplished a great deal over the past (academic year) under the leadership of Norman Smith. Unlike some interim leaders, Norman did not come here to keep a seat warm. Since his arrival in September, Norman has put a laser-like focus on elevating Suffolk’s reputation in Boston and beyond. He has highlighted the excellence that exists across the University and showcased its many success stories. He has set the stage for campus improvements that are reshaping the University. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we offer our sincere thanks for Norman’s excellent leadership in this time of transition. He continues to do everything we’ve asked and more.”

Andrew Meyer, Chairman
Suffolk University Board of Trustees on the occasion of the 2015 Commencement celebrations

“Norman Smith did an absolutely superb job as Suffolk University President. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Richard Rosenberg, Trustee
Chairman & CEO (retired)
Bank of America

“I have a great deal of respect and affection for Norman Smith. His presidency of Suffolk University continues to be remembered very positively.”

Robert K. Sheridan, Trustee
Past President, Massachusetts Bankers Association
President Emeritus, Savings Bank Life Insurance

“Of all the past presidents, Norman Smith is the best Suffolk ever had. He’s a real pro.”

Marshall M. Sloane, Trustee
Chairman of the Board
Century Bank

Elmira College

“Dr. Norman Smith has accomplished more good things in his first year as Elmira College President than what had been achieved in the prior five years COMBINED.”

Dr. Robert Morris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“Dr. Norman Smith has been a wonderful president and a godsend to Elmira College.”

Robert O’Leary, Board of Trustees & CFO/Executive VP (ret.), Cox Enterprises Inc.